Fruit. It’s a hoot – science says so!

Fruit. It’s a hoot – science says so!

Not only are there science buffs encouraging fruit consumption for disease prevention and POPSUGAR bigging up the beauty of a fruit flat lay, its now been proven to encourage laughter!

It’s long been told that fresh produce is a benefit to our health, fruit included.
Of late with all the hype about sugar consumption fruit got a bit caught up in the bad press and name shaming. Totally unfairly I might add!

As with everything, fruit should be eaten in moderation, in excess the sugar content may prove an issue. However, in moderation, the benefits of eating fruit are abundant!

Studies have shown that a higher consumption of fresh produce has some seriously positive effects on our behaviour. Including helping us maintain a calmer outlook, boosted energy and a greater sense of happiness. Results have shown these benefits are noticeable not only on the day the fruit is eaten, but the day after too – double win!

Marley Spoon’s fruit box has 19-24 pieces of seasonal, fresh fruit to help you keep up your consumption levels.

Fresh food is our little army against disease and fruit is a super strong soldier in that army.
Citrus fruits, such as lemons, mandarins and grapefruit contribute towards protecting you against cardiovascular diseases.

Bananas and apricots are potassium-rich and will help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Brightly coloured fruits (and veg) contain high levels of lycopene, which studies suggest helps prevent some cancers.

Diabetes calls for consumption of whole fruits, especially blueberries, grapes, and apples. However, fruit juices, lacking in the fibre and other nutritional benefits of whole fruit can increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Your gut needs fruit! When you eat whole fruits the indigestible fibre absorbs water, this expanding and softening action helps regular bowel movements. This can calm irritable bowel symptoms and may reduce the risk of diverticulosis

Fruits are also good for your eyes. The lutein may protect against cataracts so try kiwis to look after your eyes!

Here are our two most simple tips for eating more fresh produce:
1. Keep fruit in view – that way you’ll be more likely to eat it.
2. Try something new – variety is the key to a healthy diet and we offer 12 recipes each week, packed full of fresh produce.

At Marley Spoon we send you top quality, seasonal ingredients to make cooking up wholesome, delicious food a breeze, any night of the week.

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