The Love Bites ladies are from Bondi, Sydney. They're a sister-in-law duo that started making incredible vegetarian soups to feed the masses at Bondi markets on cold winter mornings. We've had these lovely ladies on our menu before but we're bringing them back by popular demand! **How did you get started?****What's the best part of running your own business/cafe?**Independence and flexibility. Intensely satisfying to being doing it for ourselves. **Go-to dinner?**Current Monday go-to is one of my mum’s favourites, a baked tomato and red pepper number with chilli flakes and red onions, eggs plopped in for the last 8 mins of baking and a flurry of herbs and pepper to serve. For our customers who love to bake but are vegan, any tips how they can still do this without dairy products? There are loads of recipes out there for vegan dairy replacements such as chia seeds to replace eggs and coconut oil to replace butter or ghee. One of our favourite breads is from a fantastic blog called My New Root’s, whose “Life Changing Loaf” uses psyllium husks, flaxseed + chia in the place of egg and coconut oil instead of butter. It makes the most delicious toast to slice avocado onto!For those who love the flavours of cooking with meat but want to become vegan or are vegan, how can they still achieve this taste or something similar?

There is a trend for coconut bacon at the moment, which is where coconut flakes are treated with natural smoke to give it that familiar flavour and smell. You can make them yourself or buy them commercially from Extraordinary Foods

Shiitake mushrooms are surprisingly meaty, and great in a burger too. Try combining them with beetroot and chickpeas for an awesome veggie burger.

What's your favourite go-to vegan breakfast dish?

Our Bondi Bircher or Psychedelic Love Pots of course!

Love Bites Spice Bomb SoupThis rich and creamy version of a pumpkin laksa takes on flavours from refreshing cherry tomatoes, topped with gorgeous aromatics such as coriander, chilli oil and fried shallots. Roasted Dutch Carrot SaladA superfood in its own right, freekeh is a wonderfully nutritious grain that's low in fat. The ladies at Love Bites have teamed it with sweet roasted carrots, dukkah and crispy baked kale making it a hearty and wholesome autumn dinner. Let us do the work for you... Start now with $35 off your first box!