Tucked away on a (you guessed it) corner in Sydney’s inner west, Cornersmith is run by Alex and her husband James Grant, bringing together their love of great, seasonal ingredients, sustainable practices and coffee! imageOn starting out I was a stay home mum and needed something more than Play Dough and potato stamps to sink my teeth into - so cooking for our family became my creative project. I don’t come from a trained food background at all. I’m just an obsessive home cook. I did a lot of research about wholefoods, food miles, and the ethics of the companies who, grew, made and packaged the food we were eating. I avoided supermarkets and refused to buy anything imported or out of season. I spent a few years obsessively teaching myself how to make everything from scratch. And I fell in love with pickling and preserving. I pickled like mad and spent hours roaming the streets of my neighbourhood to find abandoned fruit tree’s and knocking on people’s door to pick their unwanted mandarins and figs. **Tell us the story about how you got to where you are today?**James is from the coffee industry and we decided we were going to put our heads together and see what we could come up with. We wanted to open the kind of café we wanted on our street corner. So in 2012 we opened Cornersmith with the aim to take the sustainable philosophy we had at home and see if it could work in a business setting. **Best part of running your own business??**James and I both love what we do. So that makes running a business very satisfying. We can’t believe that the little idea we had 5 years ago has become so complete. It’s amazing to watch it grow. We are very lucky to work with such great people, our team at Cornersmith are very inspiring. Also, having a family and your own business means there’s a lot more flexibility. **What is your food philosophy??**At Cornersmith, we make thoughtful decisions about all aspects of the business. We work with the seasons, support and use small-scale growers, producers and makers, we encourage home food crafts, only use ethical meats and are always trying to reduce our waste output. Our menu changes every 6 weeks, which is based heavily on seasonal produce and always features a range of our house-made pickles & preserves. **What recipes are in the Marley Spoon box this month? What inspired it??**These recipes are both from the Cornersmith menu,. We’re always looking for interesting seasonal sides to go with poached eggs for a breakfast menu. Our chef Sabine comes up with really interesting combinations that can be sides, salads or complete meals. **Best place to eat in Sydney??**Ester in Chippendale is our favourite. We also love Pazaar on Canterbury Road for good Turkish food. **Best cooking tip for winter??**Get a slow cooker! We call it our wife. When we get home for work, dinner is ready! **Go-to dinner??**Easy mid week winter dinners are usually broth, with a grain or noodles and finely chopped seasonal vegetables. I make a big batch of a broth on the weekend, and it gets us through the week. Luckily the kids love it. We add extra things like kimchi or chilli paste for us. **Go-to tunes in the kitchen??**Whoevers cooking gets to chose. My favourite time is when everyone is out and I listen obsessively to podcasts. Our 10 year old daughter is turning into a good little cook, so there’s a lot of Lorde and Adele playing at the moment. **Favourite way to unwind??**As crazy as it sounds I like to cook to unwind. Proper cooking. Not the crazy 30 minute got to get everyone fed before swimming lessons kind of cooking. Click here to try Cornersmith’s dishes in your home! New to Marley Spoon? Click here to get $35 off and go in the running to win a free week of Marley Spoon, a pickling starter pack + the Cornersmith cookbook!