Twice fermented, wheat grass kombucha, activated matcha lentils with turmeric and tiger nut pomade, matcha carrot and microgreen stew steamed in probiotic water..... These might all sound like a science experiment and whilst they may well offer benefits to your health, they are in no way essential. The way to think about healthy eating is to take it back to basics. It doesn’t have to be super back to basics, like foraging woodlands and hand fishing the local rock pool! Think unprocessed, think fresh veggies- lots of them! Think preservative-free and think variety. By eating a wide selection of different foods you are more likely to get all the micronutrients your body requires. From glowing skin to a healthy tummy, it all starts with what we put in. It sounds like something your Grandmother would say right? Well, that's because it is because it's true. Now what's scary about that? A choice of food for each meal or the same serving of the same tastes, day in day out, I know what sounds more daunting to me! Eating a variety of foods AND cooking up well-balanced meals couldn’t be easier than with Marley Spoon. Each week when you choose from our 12 fresh and easy recipes, look for a selection of colours from dish to dish. This is an easy way to help ensure you are getting a range of nutrients. From cell-protecting flavanoids to powerful antioxidants to help your heart, make a rainbow out of your menu to guarantee lots of nutritious health benefits simply by enjoying your weeknight dinners! We also have 4 Healthy Choices on our menu every week, so it's easy to identify the super healthy options. This week's delicious Cypriot Chicken Pitas with Feta and Charred Zucchini, Lamb Larb Lettuce Cups with Pickled Vegetables plus Lemon and Feta Chicken with Pan-Fried Beans are all ready to be served within 30 - 40 minutes. With all the ingredients pre-portioned and delivered to your door, it couldn't be easier to get on board with healthy eating in time for Summer! Sign up here with $35 off! Enjoy a fright-free, healthy Halloween with Marley Spoon, no tricks, always treats!

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