Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the boxes delivered to your door? here. “What do you mean you didn’t bring a coat?” my supervisor asked as I arrived on the first day of my internship. For some reason, I thought I could logically omit a winter jacket from my daily get-up for a mid-January commute. A quiet chuckle swept through the office as they looked at me in disbelief. I was instructed to wear long pants, runners, and a jumper, as I’d be working in a refrigerated area for the day, so I donned the thickest sweater I could bear in the sweltering sun and hoped for the best. She emerged from a closet offering gloves and a warm hat, which I graciously accepted after seeing the office’s initial reaction to my outfit. I followed her into the refrigerated food packing area bustling with workers in heavy parkas, scarves, gloves, and hats. As we toured through the brisk 2° space, my fingers were incredibly grateful for the extra layer of insulation. I spent the rest of the day on the floor working amidst the production associates assembling dish bags for Marley Spoon customers across Australia as part of my orientation. Picking and packing ingredients, perfecting the bag fold, and inserting promotional materials into boxes were just a few of the tasks included in this eye-opening experience. Having never worked in such a setting, this helped me understand the company from the ground-up and see exactly what my impact as a marketing intern has on Marley Spoon and its customers. Marley Spoon is a meal-kit delivery service bringing delightful, market-fresh and easy cooking back to the people while re-engineering the food supply chain to make it faster, fresher and less wasteful. A truly global company, they operate in seven countries on three continents. Australia launched just two years ago and has already outgrown its office and moved into a brand new, custom-built space in Sydney’s Corporate Park! It’s a fast-paced start-up atmosphere of driven individuals striving to improve the customer experience and change the way people think about groceries, cooking, and sustainability.As a marketing intern, I work to ensure current Marley Spoon customers are satisfied and engaged with the product while seeking new segments to enter. This involves considerable amounts of market research, implementing and evaluating marketing strategies, and collaborating with Marley Spoon offices across the world to compare techniques and results. Many believe marketing to be a creative, opinion-driven industry with no real numbers or critical thinking. The truth couldn’t be more opposite. Every photo, flyer, or tweet at Marley Spoon is implemented based on research, then analyzed to review its effectiveness, because effective marketing is always driven by data.I look forward to strolling into the casual office each morning in my t-shirt, converse, and shorts after grabbing a long black from a nearby cafe. The vast, industrial space embodies the company culture of promoting open communication and flat hierarchies. Work doesn’t feel like a burden when you’re sharing desks with outgoing, driven personalities who like to have fun! Popsicles flow freely among desks and I think even sailors might blush listening to our conversations, but at the end of the day, the work accomplished is incredible—and we have data to back that up! Of course, there are days I’d rather be sunbathing at Bondi than sitting at my desk, but I’m so privileged to receive the opportunity to intern with a company at such an exciting phase of growth, making such an impact on the mostly untouched grocery market. Plus, it’s said Aussies divide their day into three parts: 8 hours of work, 8 hours of play, and 8 hours of sleep, so my 9-5 is technically considered part of the Australian lifestyle. As far as the balance between play and sleep? I guess I’ll sleep when I’m old. Cheers, -Colin