Every week, our chefs test 12 delicious new recipes in-house! When the recipe has been given the tick of approval, our team starts sourcing the best ingredients from local Australian farms. A day in the kitchen includes testing a few recipes, a photo shoot here and there and the office tasting our delicious new dishes to give them the go ahead. Then our procurement team jumps onboard, sources the ingredients and off they go to your doorstep! All there's left to do is cook up our 6 step recipes, sit back and eat! Every week on our menu you'll find: New Healthy Choice RecipesOur Healthy Choice recipes include whole grains, high fibre veggies, low GI, low carb, little or no oil and still taste delicious! Four Vegetarian RecipesWe plan our recipes around what veggies are in season so you can enjoy the freshest produce possible like this Pumpkin Farfalle Pasta. Our three favourites are recipes that our customers have voted through the roof, brought back by popular demand for a limited time! Sounds good right? There's something for everyone! If our test chefs have tickled your taste buds with these delicious recipes, order your first box with $50 off* here.*$25 off your first & second box