Naturally, when considering meal time etiquette, we looked to the epicentre of order and tradition - England - to reveal how modern day families feel about all the rules of sharing a meal.According to Musson, the basics of table manners are:1. Elbows off the table when food is present. 2. Bread and butter plate on the left, drinks on the right. 3. Break, never cut the bread roll, break off bite sized pieces. 4. Pause and cross your knife and fork every three mouthfuls. 5. Never hold your knife like a pen. 6. The napkin should be completely unfolded and placed on your lap, not down your shirt. 7. Chew silently with your mouth closed. 8. Never groom yourself (or someone else) at the table. 9. Push your chair in before you leave.

Meanwhile, a recent survey of 10,000 British Parents and 1,000 kids found that the traditional rules no longer fit in with modern day dinner time.1. You should try anything new once, then if you don’t like it you don’t have to eat it any more. 2. Hold your knife and fork however you feel more comfortable. 3. Talking is compulsory. 4. It’s fine to eat with your hands. 5. It’s OK to get messy. 6. It’s fine to have the TV on in the background, as long as everyone is enjoying their time together. 7. Don’t ask to be excused; wait until everyone is finished and enjoy each other’s company rather than running off to your room/do work/talk on the phone/start washing up etc.

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