This month we'll be featuring three delicious recipes from Jacqueline's cookbook including Chicken and Leek Pie, Baked White Fish with Lemon and Ginger Vinaigrette and Black Sesame Teriyaki Chicken with Kale. Order one of these dishes and you'll also go in the running to win her delicious and nutritious cookbook, Seasons To Share! **How did Brown Paper Bag get started?**When I was young, I was really into baking food and my family couldn’t eat it all so I’d wrap it up in a brown paper bag and give all these goods to friends, family, boyfriends and things like that. Then later on in life, after leaving the corporate world I studied nutritional medicine. When I first started thinking about running my own business, I started out with a little stall at the grower's markets on Saturday to sort of give people a taste of my philosophy around cooking - and of course, that was all wrapped up in a brown paper bag! My focus is teaching people that good, nutritious food doesn’t have to be boring, complicated or not flavoursome - but the complete opposite! **Best part of running your own business/cafe?**I would say flexibility, but right now it’s not that flexible because I’m so busy! I think the reward from creating your own business is the sense of achievement. Brown Paper Bag has had an impact, and I want to leave a legacy in life. I’m really proud of what it’s done and where it’s going. It’s taught me lots of lessons on a personal and a career level - and those lessons are interchangeable. The best part of owning my own business is growth - I will never stop learning from this journey! You’re always looking for inspiration and pushing beyond any limiting beliefs you have. **Who or what is behind your culinary inspiration?**I draw inspiration from the everyday. That’s not just food, it’s colour and style. Observing how different people like to eat - and bringing that into my own experience. My son Jet is also a huge inspiration and my biggest critic! While I was studying nutrition, I always knew that even if I didn’t pursue a career in the industry, at least I would have the knowledge and principals to nourish my family. Having a small person around when you’re cooking is a different experience - like making little sweet treats that are nourishing is great. They’re always very quick to tell you what they think, and Jet is one of my biggest critics! Luckily, both my son and my father are my biggest critics and are usually giving the double thumbs up - in fact, my dad’s favourite dish of mine is the chicken and leek pie that is on the Marley Spoon menu! **Best cooking advice you’ve received?**1 - Never use a blunt knife 2 - Jody Vasallo is a food mentor of mine, and she has always said “be careful of the perfectionist in you. She can be a beast!” **What's your favourite thing to cook?**I love entertaining - so while I don’t have a specific dish to name, I really do just love watching my guests take that first mouthful, to relax and really enjoy a meal at a big table with people they love. This kind of experience is the inspiration behind my cookbook “Seasons To Share” - this beautiful experience that is sharing food together with a nice bottle of red wine. Three tools you can’t live without in the kitchen?

  • Sharp knives
  • Beautiful serving platter - or ceramic bowl when cooking for one! Food is visual, and you should engage with your food - you can’t do that when you’re eating off a terrible plate
  • Food processor is a must these days!
  • Microplanes

**Go-to dinner?**Miso salmon! Favourite foodies to follow on instagram?@GeorgeEats @HemsleyHemsley @Luke Hines @PanaceasPantry **What is your health philosophy?**Consider your health as a wheel - you need to keep the wheel turning and oiled with little practices and rituals every day to make sure it’s constantly moving. Don’t feel like you need to create one big change overnight, because the wheels will probably stop. Instead, just keep oiling the machine with little tweaks - you’ll get to where you need to go! Plus place an order with us in June and you'll go in the running to win her delicious and nutritious cookbook, Seasons To Share.