Chill Out - It’s Really Winter Now!

We’re deep into winter now, and we know you’re desperately searching for ways to escape the cold, even for a minute. Read on for our best winter warmer hacks.

By: Josephine / 09/07/2018

Here are some of our best tips to heat you up this winter when you’re freezing your little woollen socks off. You can thank us later.

Robe Life

Have you ever not enjoyed wearing a soft warm robe? Pretend you’re in a hotel all year round by investing in a good quality robe that will take you from bed to the shower, to the dinner table, to the couch, and back to bed with minimal frostiness. Peter Alexander has some tip top options this season. Wearing a robe also means you’ll pump your heater less, and save money!

Slow Cook It!

There is something so satisfying about seasoning your meal, doing nothing for 6 hours, then coming back to a beautifully cooked meal. Talk about gourmet cooking for lazy people.

If this sounds right up your alley, it might be time for you to invest in a slow cooker. They’re really reasonably priced and worth it for the usage you’ll get out of it in winter. Take a look at our Kenwood slow cooking recipes (modified to be used with or without a slow cooker) that you can order now to try your hand at it!


soup gif


Virgin Hot Toddy dessert

There is nothing like a warm, sweet dessert during the colder months. Enter the Virgin Hot Toddy. This simple recipe will warm you up from the inside out in minutes.

Simply juice 1 lemon, combine juice with half a cup of boiling water and add honey to taste (i.e. add heaps). Stir to combine and voila - you’ve got an antibacterial, sweet and calming drink that is the perfect “school night” night cap when you’re sick and tired of being cold.


Here’s a rather outlandish idea, but why not escape the chill and go to Japan?! It’s summer over there, so a trip would save you big time. If that’s a bit over the top, you could bring a Tokyo udon noodle house to your house with our Miso fish and noodle soup on our menu from 23 July.


miso soup hero


Comfort Cooking

Easy, warming dinners are a real comfort when it’s cold. With Marley Spoon delivered to your door, you can get a delicious and nutritious meal on the table in just 6 simple steps and only 30 minutes - plus you have a huge 12 different recipes to choose from each week. That means less time in the supermarket and more time spend snuggling up with your delicious dinner on the couch.

Check out our menu here for the next month of winter warmers!

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