Marley Spoon’s “Choose Your Own Christmas Adventure” features chef-designed breakfast, main and side dishes, and desserts to suit all celebrations. With all ingredients delivered straight to your door and zero food waste, you can really relax over the break. The mix and match menu means that you’ll find something for any Christmas day plan - whether you’re hosting or attending a big lunch, sharing a meal with a few others, or abandoning Christmas all together, the Christmas menu has it all. You can order up to four servings of each dish to feed large groups easily. To create an unforgettable Christmas Day menu, or simply eat like a jolly old elf all week, order now! The 16-dish menu includes ricotta and cranberry pancakes, crispy chicken with carrot, swede and thyme smash, roasted Brussels sprouts with broccoli and bacon, Christmas stuffing salad with veal sausages, festive baked stuffed salmon and buttermilk cake with blueberries.

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