Enter 5 minute mug pudding! We know apple cinnamon pudding isn’t specifically Christmas-y - but we also think Christmas pudding is best saved for December, so we’ve selflessly tested this incredibly quick and easy mug pudding by Chrissy Freer from Health Food Guide for you! Pick your favourite mug and head to the kitchen, stat. Ingredients2 ½ tablespoons self-raising flour (or use almond meal if you’re gluten free!) ¼ teaspoon cinnamon Pinch of ground nutmeg 2 teaspoons oat bran 1 tablespoon chopped dates ¼ green apple, peeled, cored, grated 3 teaspoons caster sugar 2 tablespoons skim milk 1 egg 1 teaspoon sunflower oil Icing sugar, to dust MethodSift flour and spices into a small bowl. Stir oat bran, dates, apple and sugar through flour mixture. Whisk skim milk, egg and sunflower oil in a separate small bowl. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir with a fork until mixture just combines. (Be careful not to over mix or cooked pudding will be tough.) Spoon mixture into a mug and transfer to microwave. Cook on high for 70–90 seconds, or until pudding rises and top just sets. (Don’t overcook.) Dust pudding with icing sugar and serve immediately.