With all the fun and hustle and bustle Christmas can bring it's all too easy to let the essential things fall by the wayside...

Potato Latkes with Cured Trout, delicious for brunch!

Whilst you are busy sorting out children, guests, last minute decorations you probably won't be thinking "and next, I'll set myself up with a balanced breakfast to keep me fuelled until lunchtime". The thing is you should be. Breakfast is commonly referred to as the most important meal of the day and in the hot weather, that's even more relevant. Missing out on brekkie can throw your body's rhythm of fasting and eating out of sync. Marley Spoon has got you covered in the run-up to Christmas. We have two delicious breakfast/ brunch options to keep hunger at bay. #### Try our Apple and Ricotta Pancakes

The most likely outcome of this is that you end up so hungry later on that reaching for the biscuit tin or the bag of lollies seems like a sensible option. It isn't. High fat, high-sugar foods are a key factor in the onset of problems such as diabetes and heart disease and more short-term effects such as mood swings can prove very problematic at overwhelming occasions like Christmas. A balanced breakfast is one of the best ways to keep your blood sugar levels stable and maintain energy as things get busy. Along with the essential nutrients found in typical breakfast foods, such as iron, calcium and B vitamins, it is harder to compensate for these later in the day, so load them up at breakfast time.

Then, of course, there is exercise. It might so easily fit into your regular routine that when your routine is disrupted you forget to schedule any exercise into your day or week. Just 20 minutes of getting your heart rate up each day can help maintain a good metabolic rate, minimise weight gain and release those ever sought after endorphins, which may just help prevent that festive tantrum when everyone's a bit over-heated and tired. It doesn't have to be dumb bells and a treadmill, running around playing with the children, bouncing around on the trampoline, a brisk walk, even dancing around the living room can all count, getting that heart rate up and releasing those endorphins. ### Keep everyone happy this Christmas with healthy weeknight cooking from Marley Spoon! Try us now with $35 off.

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