What’s The Deal With Food Delivery Services

Hey there! Welcome to Marley Spoon. We’re a food delivery service (specifically known as meal kit), bringing fresh ingredients and easy recipes to your front door. Here you'll find everything you need to know about Marley Spoon.
By: Josephine / 09/05/2019 / Stories

Hey there! Welcome to Marley Spoon. We’re a food delivery service (specifically known as meal kit), bringing fresh ingredients and easy recipes to your front door.

So, who are we made for?

We’re made for anyone who loves food and the joy a home cooked meal brings. For those who don’t want to miss out on the convenience of fresh meal delivery and for those who want to expand their cooking repertoire.

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Cooking With A Food Delivery Service

Marley Spoon is here to get you excited about dinner time again. Offering 20 recipes every week, you can select your dishes up to 4 weeks in advance and from a range of categories including fast, healthy, vegetarian, meat & fish, no added gluten and family-friendly options.


If you wish to have us select your recipes for you, you can simply let us know what tickles your fancy and we’ll do the rest.

Healthy Recipes For Everyday Of The Week

Our menu is curated by our in-house team of chefs and nutritionists lead by Culinary Director, Olivia Andrews. Refreshingly new, nutritionally balanced and easy to prepare recipes mean you can get dinner on the table in 30 minutes without any fuss. Read more about our low calorie and easy meals.

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Information on the nutritional content and allergens is always readily available, both when selecting the recipe online and cooking it using our easy 6 step recipe cards.

From Farm To Plate

We’re extremely passionate about cooking dinners that are from farm to plate. One of our core values when it comes to food delivery, is making sure we send the best produce possible, while supporting local Australian farmers along the way.


When using a meal delivery service like Marley Spoon, you’re cooking with the best of the best, including Lilydale free-range chicken, Velisha Farms and Perfection Fresh Australia vegetables and Tassal Tasmanian Salmon.

Less Than 1% of Food Waste

We procure our ingredients for your meal kit from suppliers based on what you order and we only ever send you what you need! Instead of having to buy a jar of spices, we’ll send you a packet of pre-portioned spices for your recipe. No more wilted veggies in the fridge or unused spices sitting in your pantry!

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The average Australian household throws 1 out of 5 shopping bags of groceries, which equates to $3,800 every year, according to our friends at OzHarvest.

Flexible Around Your Schedule

Our meal kit can be ordered online anytime, anywhere. Unlike shopping at the supermarket, where you are bound to open hours and a car trip to your local shops.

Enjoy the flexibility of cooking, while saving on time and money. For those who want to make dinnertime easier, food delivery is an honest recommendation. No more queuing at the supermarket, no more searching for recipes online and no more long shopping lists! Just a box full of ingredients you won’t find anywhere else, alongside easy recipes to make cooking a breeze, delivered at a time that suits you.

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Our food delivery service brings a sigh of relief for thousands of Australian families and couples. Eating together and putting a healthy, balanced meal on the table after a long day becomes a lot easier with Marley Spoon, plus our dishes make for delicious leftovers too!

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The quintessence remains, Marley Spoon’s cooking boxes are as flexible as your life demands. Address changes, dietary changes, family growth, holiday break, or more variety in your everyday life. You decide what to cook and we just say - let’s cook it!

So, what are you waiting for? See what's cooking and view our plans now!

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