Not food related, but this is so sweet it gave us a tooth ache. Anyway, as foodies, we like to think food is a work of art and this unicorn toast is no exception. You get to play around with the paint (cream cheese) and the canvas (toast), even better it's not even bad for you! unicorn-toast-lead-20161117154252-jpg-q75dx720y432u1r1ggcWe're sorry to bring this to mind, but we couldn't help but think unicorn toast was probably made from unicorn droppings...confused? Check this out. So it’s December and it’s time to go gift shopping. Friend of a Cheetos lover? Well then we’ve pretty much done your shopping for you. Check out The Cheetos Luxury Store. The Big Cat Nap Sack and MATCHING Nap Cap (yes this is legit). It's the ultimate sleeping bag for someone who loves to indulge in a Cheetos. 1478057376074_-6240942489734140024-608wOn the topic of weird and wonderful foods, we came across this pricey delicacy called geoduck coming from China. This weird and wonderful food which is a large saltwater clam is actually pronounced ‘gooey duck’ and if you can get past how it looks, you’d find it is deliciously sweet with a crunchy texture... Finally, an adorable and hilarious vegan joke for good measure. imagesAs you know we’re all about convenience at Marley Spoon but we think this is taking a little too far and also stripping Christmas of its biggest joy - food. 1387781457-6Speaking of food, have you seen our delicious Christmas menu? Let us take the guesswork out of a good, tasty meal that everyone will enjoy including sweet treats! Check out the menu and get $35 off if it's your first order here!

Bon Appetit!