Julia A. Wolfson of Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future and lead author of a recent U.S. study.

Home cooking is beneficial in so many ways, and increased health is just one of them. In a world where we are busier than ever and exposed to an ever increasing array of restaurant options and take out convenience in our foodie culture, the benefits of staying in and taking the time to cook are even more important now. 1. What’s In This?Have you ever had a thai dish that tasted like it had a cup of sugar in it? That’s because it probably did! The findings of the same above study suggest that those who frequently cooked at home also consumed fewer calories on the occasions when they ate out. Most restaurant dishes tend to include extra carbohydrates, sugars and fats than you need in a single serve. By cooking at home, you have a greater awareness of what is going into your food and can cut out on whatever seems unnecessary to you. 2. Knowledge is power!Knowledge of seasonality, taste profiles and unique produce is invaluable. The more you cook with fresh ingredients, the more you learn about them! Soon enough, you’ll know what foods are best to eat to overcome a cold, how increase your iron intake, or what to add to a dish that is lacking zing. 3. Portion SizesThere’s a reason you often feel sick to the stomach after dinner at a restaurant. Portion sizes in restaurants, cafes and especially fast food outlets have increased dramatically. In fast food terms, for example, hamburgers have grown by approximately a third. By cooking at home, you can control your portion size and avoid overeating. Key tip for reducing your portions: eat from smaller plates and eat slower. 4. We Are FamilyPreparing and eating a homemade family dinner around the table is a great time for family bonding. Studies have shown that children whose families eat home cooked meals together have fewer psychological issues and higher academic success than those who don’t - it’s about catching up, sharing ideas and enjoying each other’s company. 5. Save MoneyFinally, by cooking food at home, you save money! Marley Spoon offers dinner for as little as $8.95 per serve - there aren’t many restaurants that can offer that kind of price (or at least not any you’d want to eat at!) Stuck on what homemade meal to cook? Let us take care of dinner - order below!