At Marley Spoon, we’re passionate about food. We’re also passionate about sustainably sourcing the food we send to you as much as we can, with as little wastage as possible.Luckily, we are offering a sustainable alternative to this wastage by offering pre-portioned ingredients and recyclable packaging. While this doesn’t eliminate food wastage in your life, it helps to reduce it considerably. We are so obsessive about food wastage; we wanted to call out a couple of innovative ways to avoid wasting more food AND save money – beyond subscribing to Marley Spoon of course! 1. Monitor what you throw away each week – if you’re throwing out half a litre of milk each week, it’s worth considering buying less! When surveyed, only one in seven of us thought we were throwing away more food than they should, but we’re actually throwing out one in every five shopping bags! 2. “Clear the cupboard” meals – got three cans of kidney beans, some soon-to-be over-ripened avocado and zucchini hanging about in the fridge? That’s the makings of a delicious Mexican soup! Get creative and cook up something totally unique, or use the Marley Spoon app to find a similar meal you could put your own spin on – just filter by ingredient - we’ve got all our fave recipes in there! 3. Store things better – old takeaway containers and warped Tupperware are going to mean your oats; cereals and sweet treats will go off incredibly quickly. Stock up on some good containers and your food will last the distance. 4. Preserve when you can – pickling is seriously fun and both fruits and vegetables can be pickled. Here’s a little how to fromEpicurious.5. Donate! We donate any leftover food here at Marley Spoon toOzHarvest. Give a call to your nearest shelter and offer to donate food when you can.