It most certainly will if you follow these handy tips for all things Christmas!"It's less than 6 weeks til Christmas", said my friend casually...6 weeks!? Now for some talking about Christmas anything more than a week out seems a little premature. For others - the ones who have got it together and need to keep everyone happy at Christmas, six weeks is the start of an imminent countdown to either a celebration of a lifetime or a life-shattering disaster! To help prevent it from being the latter we've pulled together our top tips for all things Christmas and entertaining. If you fail to plan, you may as well plan to fail, so get done what you can in advance and keep the festive season flowing with fun and joy this year! Of course the NUMBER ONEOrder your Marley Spoon Christmas Box by December 6th and be in with a chance to win one of two brand new Whirlpool refrigerators stocked with Cellarmasters wine. Our Christmas box is everything you need for a fabulous feast for up to 6 adults. At just $41.50 per person, delivered right to your door, it's this year's answer to a hassle-free Christmas feast. NUMBER TWO: 'Well ya wouldn't want a warm beer would ya?!' And nor would you want warm champagne. If you do forget to put your bubbles in the fridge wrap the bottles tightly in a damp tea towel, then pop them into the freezer. Heat travels through dense materials (the waterlogged towel) quicker than air, your fizz will be ice-cold and ready to pour within 20 minutes! NUMBER THREE: Be the boss of your sticky tape I reckon I could find Donald Trump's integrity quicker than I could find the end of the sticky tape. Stick a paper clip to the end and you'll see the end as easily as Rudolph's nose in the night sky!NUMBER FOUR: Save cash when it comes to gift wrapping On-trend minimalist chic doesn't have to be handmade natural dyed coconut bark tissue paper . . . grab a roll of brown parcel paper and some string . . . 'brown paper packages tied up with string - these are a few of my favourite things!' you'll have rustic charm down to a tee. NUMBER FIVE: Crack walnuts without a nutcracker!? No, you don't have to be the incredible hulk for this festive party trick! Place 2 walnuts side by side, in your hand, making sure the hardest part (the ridges) are over-lapping, close your hand and SQUEEZE! They should crack open easily. NUMBER SIX: Pimp your mincemeat If you don't have time to make it all from scratch then grab a good quality jar, add in a handful of luxurious fruits - dried cherries or figs and a good slosh of brandy - WINNER! NUMBER SEVEN: Send a letter to Santa You don't have to have a chimney to send your wish list to Santa Claus - visit Australia Post online and see how to get your little ones letters to the North Pole in plenty of time. NUMBER EIGHT: Make friends with your freezer Sounds riveting right!? Whilst it may sound like as much fun as Santa has to get the coal dust out of his beard - it pays to have your freezer nice and clean and stocked with some essentials. Mid-morning, fresh fruit icy poles for hungry tummies that you don't want to get too full before your feast, ice cubes in abundance (tip out your ice trays into a Tupperware, with a lid so you can use them to make more in advance). And it's always handy to have a few things cooked up in advance over the busy festive holidays. Our favourite lamb ragu can be frozen and reheated when you need it, just boil up some pasta when you want to eat it. NUMBER NINE: Recycle tangled lights No way do you have time to untangle the 30 metres of fairy lights that have been collecting dust having got chucked in a box last year but DO NOT throw them away! Find a plant pot with some pretty foliage and pop the lights on the soil around the base, they will give a magical soft up glow beneath the branches! Vogue Living eat your heart out! NUMBER TEN: Turn up the Music! When you've been partying just a little too hard and a speaker blows out, the only option is to play tunes on your phone. To amplify the sound put your phone in an empty glass or jar - the bigger the better! All together now - 'All I want for Christmas is yooouuu!'

Click here for more information about the limited edition Marley Spoon Christmas Box and how to order yours!Order by December 6th and be in with a chance to win one of two brand new WHIRLPOOL refrigerators, stocked with CELLARMASTERS wine!*

*Terms &Conditions Apply. Please see below for full details. Marley Spoon & Whirlpool & Cellarmasters “Marley Spoon & Whirlpool & Cellarmasters 2017 Christmas Giveaway” Terms and Conditions1. Eligibility

  1. This giveaway is being held by Marley Spoon ad Whirlpool and Cellarmasters.
  2. This giveaway is open to all Marley Spoon customers living in Australia who have ordered a Marley Spoon Christmas Box before December 6th 2017.
  3. The minimum age for participants is 18 years of age.
  4. Entry
  5. This giveaway starts on November 13 2017 at 12.01am and closes on December 6th 2017 at 11.59pm.
  6. To enter, Eligible Entrants must place an order for a Marley Spoon Christmas Box during the Promotion Period.
  7. Prize and winning
  8. The random prize draw will take place on Thursday, December 7th at (Suite 2.03, Building 2, 190 Bourke Road, Alexandria, 2015).
  9. The winner will be randomly selected.
  10. Decisions will be final.
  11. Winners will be contacted by email within 2 days of the draw.
  12. Employees, immediate family members of employees, employees of any company associated with the Promotion are ineligible to win.
  13. The prize/prizes/reward are/is: one of both of the following: • Whirlpool WHPBM43700XX 435L Bottom Mount Refrigerators (valued up to AUD $1,399.00 including GST)• 2 cases of 12 bottles of Cellarmasters wine, each case will contain 12 x 750ml bottles, of upto 15% VOL alcohol each (valued up to AUD $328.57 including GST)
  14. It is not possible to exchange any prize/ reward for its monetary worth.
  15. Participants are not allowed to exchange prizes/reward offered and won, by Whirlpool, Cellarmasters or appropriate affiliates, for other goods or money.
  16. Prize conditions
  17. Winners will be notified by phone/email within two (2) business days of the draw.
  18. If there are any unclaimed or un-awarded prizes a prize draw will be conducted on (December 6th, 2017) If a winner is drawn they will be contacted by phone and in writing within two (2) business days.
  19. Legal regulations
  20. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook
  21. Winners will be published in The Australian newspaper