videos are world famous. We sat down with Guy Turland in between his busy trips between their Bondi and LA cafes to hear the story, where they ‘harvested’ their success you could say! (Badum ch!) He started out washing dishes at 16 in Bowral, then went all the way to the top as an apprentice at Est Restaurant under Peter Doyle. With his training complete, Guy opened a cafe in North Bondi called Jo & Willy’s Depot. Soon enough, he met Mark Alston who asked Guy if he’d like to make some cooking videos - and just like that, Bondi Harvest was born! The rest is...well, have a read! **So you started with some cooking videos...then what?**From there we’ve opened two Bondi harvest cafes one in the LA and the other in Bondi, released a cookbook now being sold in the US and UK, It’s been a crazy fun Journey. I think it all comes down to honest hard work and persistence, just chipping away and not being scared to take opportunities when they come your way. **What is a day in the life of Guy?**I’m up early most mornings replying to emails and social, then onto café work, cooking, phone calls to the US, menus, and recipe writing...a macchiato in-between that at some stage. If I’m not working in the kitchen, a surf or morning swim is always on the cards. **Best cooking advice you’ve received?**Respect your ingredients and where they come from - and who grows them, the food we cook with is someone’s passion and livelihood. (We couldn’t agree more, Guy!)Favourite restaurants in Sydney?

  • ACME
  • Est
  • The Bridge Room

**Go-to dinner?**Butterflied jerk chicken - this recipe’s a flavour bomb ? ...or getting my partner Kristy to cook! **Go-to tunes in the kitchen?**Dope Lemon - Stone Cutters **Favourite way to unwind?**Surf, swim, Guitar **Favourite foodies to follow on instagram?** We’re showcasing their incredible Chicken Drumstick Pasta Soup (available now) and their Herb Baked Chicken (available from 3 October). Are you a member? Order to create Bondi Harvest’s recipes at home here. New to Marley Spoon? Order here with $35 off your first box!