We just can't let the summer holidays go here at Marley Spoon! To keep the vibes alive well into January, we've launched a series of BBQ-ready recipes from around the world that you can enjoy over the next 5 weeks. here. We've also got some tips to perfect your BBQ skills from our culinary manager Evan.

Seasoning the BBQ Grill

Pre-heat the clean grill and coat with cooking oil, using a brush or spray. Close the grill and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes then wipe the grill clean with a fresh damp cloth. ### BBQ Lid Position When Cooking

Just as some things are cooked on the kitchen cooktop and some in the oven, the type of food you are cooking will determine if you leave the BBQ lid up or down. Generally speaking, do what you would do if you were cooking indoors. ### Over the Burner Cooking

Steaks, burgers, and veggies that need to be seared or cooked from the outside inward, should be placed directly over the burners. A little olive oil brushed on the steak will prevent it from sticking. Do NOT use salt on the meat before cooking, as it draws out the moisture and makes the meat dry. If you do salt it as you start cooking, use coarse salt to get a nice salty crust. ### Leave Your Meat Alone

You should only turn the meat once. Be patient! The meat needs room, too. Don't overcrowd the grill or it can heat unevenly. Let your grilled meat "rest" for five minutes after cooking, covered loosely with foil, to ensure more tender and juicy results. Letting the meat rest also applies to roasts and other cooked meats, as well. ### No Forks!

No forks! To retain the natural juices, don’t poke holes in the meat. This includes piercing the sausage skins. Also, don't mash down on meat and burgers, as it forces out the natural juices and leaves you with dried out meat. ### Use Your BBQ Warming Rack

You can toast bread, cook delicate foods or just keep cooked food warm by using your warming rack. ### Clean Your BBQ Grill When Done

Wearing protective gloves, clean the grill while it is still hot. Use a good grill brush to clean cooking plates and racks. Lightly coat cooking surfaces with cooking oil when clean. Remember to empty the grease tray, too.