Introducing your children to the goings on in kitchen and teaching them about food and culinary skills from a young age not only helps them to appreciate the food they’re eating a lot more, it also helps them develop skills that can be used into adulthood! Let's make some mini-Marleys! We've separated suggested skills by five different age groups. It’s time to have fun and get cooking!Under 3At this age there are still many everyday life skills your child is yet to learn and they have an undying case of curiosity. Take advantage of their eagerness to learn and have them help you out in the kitchen with these easy tasks.- Washing vegetables.Teach you kids the name of each veggie and encourage them to try new foods

  • Stir ingredients - at room temperature of course!
  • Sprinkling. Sprinkle flour, cake decorations and/or icing sugar
  • Spoon ingredients onto a scale.

3 - 5 year oldsAt this stage, children have started developing common sense and possible a habit of refusing to do as told! Give your child some initiative in the kitchen and - Cut soft ingredients, like butter

  • Bread and flour. Set up three stations for flour, egg and bread for crumbing fish or chicken
  • Tear herbs.

5 - 7 year oldsBy now, you can start introducing your kids to some more advanced kitchen skills. You might want to consider buying your child a knife specially designed for kids, or let them use a small adult knife.- Cut using a small knife. Remember to teach them how to hold ingredients so that fingertips are kept intact!

  • Cut herbs with scissors
  • Grating
  • Greasing and lining trays for baking
  • Peel oranges and boiled eggs
  • Set the table (yeah right)

8 - 11 year oldsYour child will be seeking a little independence, and *hopefully* will want to contribute ot the family meal. Supervision is still necessary, but giving your child some kitchen independance will teach them vital life skills!- Plan the family meal

  • Follow a simple recipe
  • Find and gather ingredients from the cupboard/fridge
  • Use utensils such as; peeler, whisk etc.

**12+**As a young teen, children have developed the ability to create more complex meals and may even start improvising.- Using heat on a stove/oven/microwave

  • Kitchen/food hygiene. Aside from always washing hands, teach your kids about handling raw ingredients.
  • Ingredient appreciation. Recognising an ingredient and knowing its origin.
  • Following recipes
  • Cooking ingredients in different ways - steaming, frying, grilling.

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