Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat is a Vietnamese chocolate artisan. Yes, you read right, Vietnamese! Marou is changing the chocolate game by producing Vietnam’s first single origin, high-quality gourmet chocolate made only with local ingredients. During French colonisation, Vietnamese cacao was introduced and then abandoned as a failure. Despite limited backgrounds in chocolate making, founders Samuel Maruta and Vincent Mourou have created an incredible product by working with a local cacao farmers, and even hand peeling their first 2,000 cacao beans in their apartment in Ho Chi Minh city! The strength of these cacao beans sets Marou apart – the chocolate is deliciously strong and contains no additives. With 8 incredible flavours ranging from 65% - 80% cacao, Marou’s flavours incorporate notes of fruit, honey, spices, and nuts, and always come from the country’s best cacao farms. With the most beautifully designed packaging, you won’t be able to miss Marou. Clickhere for stockists. **WIN!**We’re giving away a Marou chocolate prize pack! Head to our Instagram @marleyspoonau for details - just look for this pic :)