To commemorate International Women's Day today, we thought we'd introduce you to some of the queens of Marley Spoon. There are lots of amazing women working at Marley Spoon in Australia, and the world (hello, Martha Stewart!). They're the people behind the scenes cooking up amazing recipes for you, or chatting to you about your next order over the phone, or getting the deliveries ready in our warehouse before they reach your doorstep. Please say hello to...

Olivia Andrews - Culinary Director

Olivia is steering the culinary ship, helping to guide the team through the creation of all the delicious Marley Spoon recipes, and has been part of the team since the very beginning. About Olivia: My career in food began in London around 12 years ago now. I worked in a couple of Michelin-starred restaurants, and cooked and catered in London and Spain, but it was at MasterChef Goes Large that my career in food media began. Since then I have been producing content for TV shows such as MasterChef Australia, Destination Flavour and Ready Steady Cook, worked on magazines such as delicious, MasterChef, SBS Feast and Cuisine NZ. I have co-authored up to 15 books for Bauer Media Group and released my own cookbook, Whole Foods Slow Cooked in 2015. In 2015, I was lucky enough to snap up the role of Culinary Director at Marley Spoon. When I was told that a new and exciting company was starting up in Australia and learned of the concept, I knew I had to be a part of it. Marley Spoon gave me the opportunity to be a part of something special from the very beginning of its inception. I really believed in the philosophy of the business and what they were looking to create and achieve. I love what a Marley Spoon box can bring to people in their homes - the ease and joy of cooking, and the opportunity to try something new.

**What is your favourite cuisine?**I love most Asian cuisines, and Mexican comes in at very close second. **What is your favourite dessert?**Definitely skip to the cheese. **Where did you enjoy the best meal of your life?**Before I began working at Marley Spoon, I worked on the SBS TV show Destination Flavour Scandinavia. We dined at the two-Michelin starred restaurant Frantzen in Stockholm, Sweden. There were 16 chefs for the 23 guests in the restaurant. There were some 23 courses, and each and every one was absolutely flawless. The most unforgettable meal of my life to date - even topping (just) Noma and the Fat Duck (when they were both number one). Why are girls better than boys?## Sue Karet - Customer Care

If you've ever had a question or an issue come up when ordering with us, you've probably spoken to the incredible Sue. She's a charmer with a heart of gold that puts the customer first in everything she does. About Sue: Before Marley Spoon, I worked as the financial controller for a global logistic firm, travelling the world and meeting people from all walks of life. With this close understanding of logistics, I came to Marley Spoon with a renewed focus on the customer at the receiving end of the logistics chain - a totally new focus, but one that I really enjoy. When I left my previous work, I heard that Marley Spoon needed someone to fill Customer Care so came to help a year ago and been here ever since. I love being able to try the food that the chefs cook up and give them feedback. We're all big foodies here! We have such a great team - everyone is so motivated and inspirational to me. Most of all, speaking with our customers about their experience and how we've changed their lives is really amazing. **What is your favourite cuisine?**Italian cuisine ooooh la la ! **What is your favourite dessert?**Sticky Date Pudding - with lots of sauce ! **Where did you enjoy the best meal of your life?**Gusto Italia in Paris. The 2nd best meal of my life was made in my kitchen ! **Why are girls better than boys?**What can I say, us girls just perform better than boys! ## Aga Strzemeska - Human Resourcing

Aga has been a huge part of the warehouse operation here at Marley Spoon and has recently taken on a new role in HR as we grow rapidly. She previously worked at the UN - so we're in good hands! About Aga: My background is political science and before joining Marley Spoon in Sydney I used to work for the United Nations in New York. I moved to Australia and this was the first job I applied for. I liked the idea behind it and I was curious to try working for a startup. I am glad I stayed as I have met fantastic people and I am enjoying it. **What do you love about Marley Spoon?**What we do makes people happy. We are making the experience of cooking more enjoyable and so much easier. **Do you enjoy cooking?**I like cooking when I have time and good company. I definitely started enjoying it much more since I joined the team. **What is your favourite cuisine?**Asian cuisine. **What is your favourite dessert?**Baked cheesecake **Where did you enjoy the best meal of your life?**I had so many of these! Eating Paella in a tiny restaurant on the beach in Southern Spain deserves a special mention.