This is because we want to support the local economy and family businesses, and it's more important than ever to do this as the major supermarkets take advantage of suppliers or grow their own produce. We have many different food partners that we are proud to work with and want to tell you about - here are just a few.

Huon Aquaculture - Our Salmon Supplier

For Peter and Frances Bender, farming - whether it be on land or sea - has always been about family, passion, care and quality. As local Tasmanians Peter and Frances met by chance in 1978, and just two years later they were married and managing the family cattle and sheep farming property in the Huon. After branching out into other business ventures, they decided to buy a fish farm and their life as full time salmon and trout farmers began. Peter and Frances began as contract growers, selling their fish to other companies, before realising they wanted to control other parts of the chain to ensure that quality shone through. In 2005 they stepped out from behind the contract grower model and the Huon brand was born. In the space of just a couple of years Huon established a recirculation hatchery and moved into their own world-class facility. Peter and Frances continue to strive for excellence, never shying away from ensuring that Huon is known as the best producer of salmon and salmon products in the world – and most importantly, all proudly produced in Tasmania. ## Borrowdale Free Range Pork

All from one farm in Queensland’s Darling Downs, Borrowdale supplies us with 100% Australian Certified Free Range pork for our dishes. The family started the farm because they wanted to raise pigs in a stress free environment with a focus on animal welfare practices. Borrowdale is now a pioneer in commercial free range pork production. The 10,000 acre farm is an ideal home for the pigs to live happily, and is certified APIQ Free Range - meaning that the pigs are free to roam around the farm - with foraging areas, out and indoor paddocks and shelter - and no restrictions to their activities. Borrowdale pork is tender and succulent without the use of moisture infusion, allowing the natural sweet flavours to shine, and are free from added hormones. ## Monte Fresco Cheese

Monte Fresco Cheese may be a relatively new player in the world of cheese, founded in August 2015, but their heritage is as rich and full to the brim as their signature Gold Medal award winning ricotta and the half a century of consistently recognised experience in the Australian cheese making industry. Sam Montalto is the man behind the Monte Fresco Cheese brand, and alongside him is a family of hugely dedicated, incredibly skilled cheese artisans, honing and perfecting their skills for five decades. By the time Sam arrived in Australia as an 18 month old infant, his father Salvatore had forged a reputation in Australia as a cheese artisan of excellent reputation in cheese manufacturing. All Salvatore had learned from his grandfather in Sicily, Italy, was then delivered to an unsuspecting but hungry Australian market when he started working at Brancourts, offering to show off his skills to make ricotta cheese, which was met with a quizzical: “What’s ricotta?” Since then, the Montalto name has been a stayer in the fickle food world, consistently delivering world class cheeses, which have won several gold medal awards at the Sydney Royal Easter Show each time they have entered, and always with their star product, ricotta. They have gone on to make a huge variety of highly sought cheeses - from caciotta, to farm cheese, to feta and haloumi - but it’s their ricotta people continue to clamour for. Only a few months into business as Monte Fresco Cheese, they entered their ricotta into the Sydney Royal Easter Show - and won! GOLD! Such is the testament of the superior quality and artisan approach of the brand. To see the full range of cheese at Monte Fresco Cheese, click here. ## 8Food - Sauces

8 food was established in the year 2007 in Melbourne by Peter Triantos. His passion for food was second to none. Peter had a vision of developing and producing products 100% Australian made, products of high quality, gluten free no artificial flavours or colours and as natural as possible. So he begun his Journey of producing mayonnaise, dressings and sauces with his wife Cathie and a hand full of employees.His philosophy was to eliminate distributors and deal with the end users direct. His day started from the early hours of the morning producing the product then loading a truck and delivering to his customers. As his customer base grew the brand would start getting recognised, especially the fact that he used free range eggs and gluten free . Within a few years he outgrew his facility in Reservoir and moved to a larger facility in Thomastown. In 2016 Chris Mellos joined the business and with his 20 year experience in food service has now taken the business to a national level. ## Brasserie Bread

At the heart of Brasserie Bread is a strong commitment to the craft of baking. They believe that artisan bread is the result of the choices made throughout the baking process, focussing on the quality of ingredients, the skill of their bakers, and the integrity of the process to create truly delicious, artisan bread. Long before sourdough was the bread du jour on tables around Australia, Head Baker and co-Founder of Brasserie Bread, Michael Klausen was keen to serve an authentic, delicious sourdough at iconic Sydney eatery, Bayswater Brasserie. With little on offer, he set out to create his own. Looking to California, where an artisan baking movement was gaining momentum, Michael along with Founder and Non-Executive Director, Tony Papas of Allpress Coffee, learned from like-minded producers embracing old world baking traditions. Michael and Tony discovered could only be described as “the ultimate loaf of bread”. With a chewy crust, comforting density and distinctive flavour, Bayswater Brasserie’s sourdough began to develop a following among other chefs. Taking its name from their original venture, Brasserie Bread commenced operation in 2000. Now delivering to 20 restaurants, seven days a week, Brasserie Bread was pioneering the artisan bread movement in Australia, winning many awards and connecting with the local community with an ever-growing retail café, restaurant and food service presence nationally.