We are thrilled to announce that we have expanded our menu to give you more choice than ever! HOORAY! We now offer 16 new dishes each week - with four “Healthy Choice” dishes on our 2-person menu, and three on our family menu! Look out for the Healthy Choice badge in the menu section: healthy_choice_badge_au### So..."What Is 'Healthy'?" You Ask?

healthy_infographic_web_auA balanced lifestyle starts in the kitchen. Our healthy dishes pack a nutritional punch, incorporating whole grains and high fibre veggies, are low GI and low carb, and use little oil, sugar and salt.### A Note From Our Nutritionist, Diana Moreira

"From the beginning, our recipe developers have always worked to create the most wholesome dishes that provide all the nutrients you need to maintain health, feel good and have energy to live a full life. Now we have decided to expand our menu to provide options for those of us who want to eat super healthy dinners. We are focussing more closely on the nutritional content of the dishes, but also on healthier cooking methods. All in all, we are determined to provide the best food for both body and mind - and flavour and enjoyment cannot be compromised." ### Some Of Our Upcoming Healthy Choice Dishes

Grilled Steak with Chimichurri and Roasted Veggies

webid00465hero_grilledsteakchimichurri_123Bringing meat to room temperature ensure that it cooks evenly and that if you like your meat rare or medium rare, it is not cold in the centre. Clean the coriander stems and roots well to discard any dirt. #### Vegetarian Super Bowl

webid00462hero_vegetariansuperbowl_19From smoothie bowls to sushi bowls, all-in-one meals in a rounded vessel are so hot right now! Here, we've used nutritious quinoa as a base and then teamed it with crispy roasted cauliflower and carrot that have been tossed in warming ras el hanout - a tantalising North African spice mix. Plus, some sprouted seeds, lemony kale and a toasted nut mix for added crunch and nutritional value. #### Warm Mediterranean Chargrilled Chicken Salad

webid00460hero_warmmediterraneansalad_177There is nothing better than a fresh grilled chicken salad to enjoy in the warmer months. Moist chicken breast, which is not only lean, but full of protein, gets charred on the grill as does the tender asparagus and peas, both of which are in season and taste terrific. The addition of butter beans make this salad substantial and oh-so satisfying! ### WIN!

We've partnered with some amazing brands for two major prizes to celebrate our expanded menu! Members - simply order a "Healthy Choice" dish in November, post a photo of it to Instagram and tag us @marleyspoonau + #HealthyMarley to win! Newbies? Sign up in November to win! Prize includes: 2 weeks of Marley Spoon + a fruit box, ScanPan non-stick fry pan, CuisinArt food processor, selection of Brookfarm muesli, oil and florentina bars, selection of Almond Breeze almond milk, selection of Blue Dinosaur paleo bars, flowers from Bloom Box and Yoga Glow Turmerlixir turmeric blend! marketing_giveaway_239