Cooking at home is a great way to maintain better health and save money. Although without the knowledge of basic skills, cooking can be somewhat of a daunting task.

While there are plenty of recipes available online, keeping a laptop in your kitchen can be space-consuming and messy. We have gathered our top apps to help you better navigate your way around the kitchen.

1. Marley Spoon****2. Perfect ProduceEver been a little bit unsure of how to store apples for optimum lifespan or not known if your avocado is ripe or not? We’ve all been there. Lucky for us though, the guys behind the app Perfect Produce are one step ahead of us. Perfect Produce helps you to stay in the know, providing seasonal fruit/veg updates to ensure you are always eating in season. The app provides handy tips on how to best store and prepare your fresh food as well as a library of delicious recipes for ongoing inspiration. 3. EscoffierWhether you’re a culinary whiz or a kitchen newbie, you’ll find this app super handy! Escoffier features a range of tools including a measurement converter, multiple timers (so you can keep track of those boiled eggs, whilst you warm some oil and roast potatoes), an ingredient list, glossary of culinary terms and much more a handy app to keep close by! 4. SubstitutionsLet us paint a picture: you’re hosting a dinner party and one of your guests has a food allergy. You’re completely stuck for ideas on what you should cook and let’s not even entertain the idea of preparing various main meals. This is where Substitutions comes in to save the day (not to mention your party)! This app lists different kinds of food allergies and provides substitutes that won’t flare allergies. 5. Easy Diet DiaryEver wondered how much cake you can (safely) eat at the end of the day? This app does all the math for you. It keeps track of the amount of exercise you do, allows you to keep a food diary, provides a weight chart and allows you to scan in your favourite foods. At the end of each day, Easy Diet Diary calculates all of your dietary stats and helps to keep your health in check. 6. InstagramWe of course can’t go past Instagram, the perfect platform to find your cooking inspiration and of course share your culinary creations using photos. Show us what is happening real-time in your kitchen and join our passionate community of home-cooks by sharing your Marley Spoon recipes with us. Follow @marleyspoonau for some serious food inspo and to keep up to date on all things Marley Spoon, tag us in your pictures and use the hashtags #eatmarleyspoon and #marleyspoonau so we can share your creations.