Everybody has memories of their childhood dinner table. Sitting around the dining table is and continues to be a major part of family life - a moment when we all get to swap stories about our days, squabble over classic family squabbles, and share a meal lovingly made by our parents. We are made up of thousands of experiences across thousands of dinners - and our tastes and palettes were built around the table with our family.Here are some of our stories! Rolf Weber - Co-founder 20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_15My mum loved cooking and baking and spent a lot of time in the kitchen. She cooked mostly hearty and classically German food, and the humble potato was often featured. She regularly tried to make a couple of variants of one big cook up to make it a bit easier. So on day one, she would make Sauerkraut with Smoked Pork loins and mashed potatoes. The following day, the leftovers (she made sure there were lots) would be turned into some sort of German Shepherd’s Pie with kraut, mash and pork pieces layered into a dish and put in the oven to heat and give it a tasty crust. We always fought over who could get most of the delicious crust, which on a good day was even sprinkled with cheese. Dave Malcolm - Co-founder and Head of Marketing 20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_21Growing up in England, the art of "warming up" after an afternoon walk is practically a national pastime. Many days were bought to close thawing out in the kitchen watching the rain lash the window while huddled over a steaming bowl of homemade soup. My favourite was my mum’s delicious spicy pumpkin soup served with thick slices of wholemeal toast. Nothing warms you faster.Sue Karet - Customer Care20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_29AH! Our lemon tree at home......too many lemons! Nevertheless, Mum always managed to bake that lemon meringue pie on Sunday afternoons! I can still smell it baking now! And I'll always remember the Saturday afternoons making the fresh lemonade while dad mowed the lawn. Til this day, I still love my lemons.Evan Murphy - Culinary Manager20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_08As a kid I swam a lot - so my appetite was massive! I’d even eat more than dad! An hour after dinner you’d find me back in the pantry, looking for more food. I loved anything chicken, and tarragon chicken was my absolute favourite. Maybe that’s why I have a pet bird ;) !!Ashleigh Becker - Marketing Manager20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_27Ooh, this is a tough one, my Mum is such a great cook. She does everything with so much ease, we could have the whole street for dinner and it wouldn't fuss her. I think my favourite would have to be her chicken curry but it's closely followed by her roast dinner which is a Sunday special when the whole family gets together for a laugh. Mum also has a sweet tooth just like me, it is very rare to walk into her house without a fresh slice or sweet good out on display....mmm!Amit Vashisht - Operations Managers 20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_24I grew up in the North of India and my dad worked in the airforce, so we got a chance to live all around the country and try everything that Indian cuisine has to offer. A very common ingredient in Indian cooking is Paneer - it's a mild curd - and I grew up enjoying paneer curries and paneer tossed in salad. Yum!Kachina Dimmock - Culinary Assistant 20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_05My Mum's side of the family is Japanese, so most of the time when Mum cooked there was rice ... A LOT of rice. Whenever there was rice left over, my Mum would roll them into small balls for my sister, brother and I to take to school. They were so popular with my friends that whenever Mum was making rice balls for us to have for recess, she'd make extra for me to share with my friends too! Sarah Corry - PR & Social Media Manager20160913_pt20160913_marleyspoon_portraits_01I am one of six kids, so dinnertime at my house growing up was always a spectacle! I'm not surprised by our varied customer feedback at Marley Spoon, because my siblings alone have incredibly diverse tastes. My mum has some fine tuned favourites - but the one that always comes up is her chicken burritos. Nothing special, nothing crazy - but simple and delicious and interactive. My favourite part of our family meals every Monday evening is the chatter (which once upon a time was us fighting), and we ALWAYS do the Good Weekend quiz! **Create your 'famous...' with Marley Spoon - order here!****Want to switch from 2 person to family? Simply head to your account settings and ‘edit plan’!**GIVEAWAY: In October, we are giving away an incredible prize we're calling 'A Month of Perfect Dinners' worth over $1300 - head here to find out more and enter.