We’re very excited about our new get up, and we thought we’d share some of the details to get you familiar with the new Marley Spoon. Our logo is the centre piece of our brand. While recognisability is important as we grow, it’s equally important that the logo represents our brand as we see - and as you see it. You told us that you think Marley Spoon is fun, food-focussed and inviting. We couldn’t agree more.So earlier this year, we began the process of refreshing the brand to make it more easily recognised and more friendly. Below is what we’ve cooked up. We see a real elegance in the font and a sense of approachability, in particular through the ‘Y’, which brings personality and mimics the shape of the spoon from the old logo.Fun fact: The typeface for our new logo is called "Cosmos," and was designed in Berlin by Gustav Jaeger, who’s famous for designing Google’s original logo. A nice little homage to the city where Marley Spoon was born. rebrand_blog_postWe take pride in our imagery (which you can see from our recipe cards), but knew that it wasn’t fully expressing our love of food, which we wanted to put front and centre with minimal distractions. Our new brand imagery features solid coloured backgrounds and not a lot of propping - just the essentials: pure ingredients, great people, and delicious food. ms_rebrand_pr_pkg_6ms_rebrand_pr_pkg_12We’ve gone bright yellow! We love our new colour palette - we’re combining a warmer yellow primary colour with coral, hot pink, turquoise and grey secondary colours. The new palette is warm and inviting, designed to complement the dishes we cook up. rebrand_blog_post2While our fonts have remained the same, you’ll be seeing a lot of two new typefaces that mimic handwriting: Blog Script Pro and Formosa. They’re a bit of fun - much like us! ms_rebrand_pr_pkg_5Finally, we consolidated and simplified our iconography, so you can easily recognise us without words. One of our star designers, Filip, illustrated each one of our icons by hand! We think they represent the simplicity of our offering perfectly. rebrand_blog_post3What do you think about our new look? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.