Recipe makes 12 - 31 calories | 0g carbs | 3g fat | 2g protein _Ingredients_3 eggs 3 Tbsp full fat cream cheese, room temperature 1?2 tsp baking powder (or cream of tartar) Optional- 2-3 tsp sweetener - we recommend honey

  • 1?8 tsp salt

_Procedure_1. Preheat oven to 150°C with trays covered in baking paper inside. 2. Separate the yolks and whites of your eggs. 3. Add cream cheese, sweetener and salt to the egg yolks. Whisk to combine. You don’t want any lumps so it’s very important that this is room temperature cream cheese! 4. Add baking powder to egg whites. Whip up to fluffy peaks. 5. Softly stir yolk mixture into whites– don’t overmix! Just combine until you have a cohesive light yellow mixture. 6. Transfer dollops of the mixture onto your preheated pans and flatten out using the back of a spoon to make your bread “rounds.” 7. Bake for 15–20 minutes in the oven. 8. Remove from the oven when they’re a nice golden brown. 9. Allow to cool to the touch before transferring to a large plastic bag. These are best after sitting overnight! Warning: If you do not store them in a plastic bag, they will harden.

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