On the 4th day of Christmas… we made Strawberry Santas with white chocolate & mascarpone cream.

We’ve taken Strawberry Santas to another level by using mascarpone and white chocolate cream from our Cherry Gingerbread Tart which you can order now for Christmas delivery. For Hipster Santas, try sticking in pieces of shredded coconut to the cream of Santa’s face.

Strawberry Santas Recipe

  1. Wash and hull 1 punnet strawberries (or desired santas quantity).

  2. Cut the tops from the strawberries about a third of the way down from the pointy end - these will become Santa hats.

  3. Gently replace with santa’s hat.

  4. Pipe a small dot of cream on top of each hat and dust with a pinch of shredded coconut.

  5. Lastly, give Santa a pair of eyes, using cachous or chocolate crispies.

White chocolate mascarpone cream (adapted from our Cherry Gingerbread Tart with White Chocolate and Mascarpone)

100g cooking white chocolate 125g mascarpone 300ml thickened cream

Add the mascarpone to a large bowl and gradually whisk in the cream until combined. Use electric whisk or beaters to beat the mixture until firm peaks form, taking care not to overbeat.