The Real Dads of Melbourne Tell us a little about your story to fatherhoodOur story is a little unusual as we are a 'Modern Family' mad up of two dads and one son, born via International Surrogacy. **Why is family dinner important to you?**Dinner time is the only time of the day we are all together, we cherish this time of the day **What are you teaching Reid about cooking/eating?**In our opinion early good foot habits are a priority. We try to avoid processed foods and explain this to our son fresh is best. We always encourage Reid to help in the kitchen and think it’s important he learns to love cooking as he grows up. **What are the realities of meal time at your house?**We both work and our son is at school, so we struggle to get to supermarkets hence why we are huge fans of fresh food delivery services. **What did you love to eat growing up that you love enjoying with Reid now?**We have always been crazy for fruit, Thankfully Reid has inherited this trait and we enjoy different fruits as the seasons change. **Any meal time rituals?**Our evening routine is Reid and I (Jarrad) start to prepare the evening meal after school, and ensure it’s on the table when Michael gets home from work, to maximise the time at the dining table as a family. ## Bondi Mumma **Why is family dinner important to you?**Family dinner is very important in our household, its time for us all to sit down as a family and discuss our days together. Its something that I did as a child, and now as mother I get to keep tabs on what is going on in my children’s (& hubby’s!) lives. **What are you teaching your children about cooking/eating?**My boys love helping me cook which I believe, is such an important tool for later in life. I love taking them to the grocery store, they are so curious and ask loads of questions about different foods. Trying to educate them on living a healthy lifestyle is very important to us. **What are the realities of meal time at your house?**Meal times are so chaotic, I have to always be so mindful to have dinner on the table at a certain time. Boys are hungry and tired which can be a tricky combination! My eldest son has always been a great eater and will try most foods. My second son is so fussy, which I find so frustrating, he refuses to try anything new, thankfully he likes a few raw veggies. I am hoping as he gets older this will improve. **What did you love to eat growing up that you love enjoying with your kids now?**My background is Maltese so my fondest childhood memories were sitting around the table as a family eating a delicious bowl of pasta or baked macroni (a traditional Maltese dish) which to this day I still love to eat and so do my kids. **Any meal time rituals?**I always have some happy upbeat music playing, the boys love to set the table, sometimes having a little dance (which I love to see!) after we eat, we all talk about the highs and lows of our day. Some other amazing Marley Spoon Family influencers: