The following foods are endangered, either because of shortages or unstable growing environments. Positive environmental change has never been more important - especially now that it’s started to threaten our favourite thing - food! 1. Honey The decline in the bee population means soon there may be no more sweet sticky stuff. Bees are slowly disappearing thanks to Colony Collapse Disorder, caused by parasites and pests, pathogens, poor nutrition, and exposure to pesticides. 2. Bananas Bananas are being attacked by Panama Disease in some countries - it causes the banana tree to wilt and eventually die from dehydration. On the bright side, bananas are still grown in other places where this disease isn’t common, so we should be still munching on the delicious fruit for a while longer if we can protect them. 3. Chocolate Rising temperatures are affecting chocolate growth in areas like Ghana and the Ivory Coast, where more than half of the world’s supply of chocolate is produced. It’s predicted that climate change could significantly reduce the presence of chocolate by 2030. Thankfully, big chocolate companies like Hershey’s and Mars are spending almost $1 billion in an attempt to help cocoa farmers avoid what could be the world’s greatest tragedy. 4. Coffee Coffee is under threat from many things, including pest infestations, deforestation, and changing weather patterns. Apparently, only a half-degree rise in temperature is enough to affect production, and in coffee growing regions like India, extreme rainfall events have cut coffee yields by 30%. 5. Salmon There’s something fishy about water temps these days, and salmon know that first hand. These fish depend on cold water for reproduction, but global warming is causing the water temperatures to rise, thus causing a huge decline in salmon population. 6. Wine No more girls’ wine nights?! Well, maybe just not as many wine nights. Increasingly warmer temperatures are making it tougher for wine production in areas like California and France. 7. Peanuts Peanut plants are very high maintenance and only have one growing season to thrive. They require consistently warm temperatures and 20 to 40 inches of rain over five months. Because of climate change and long-term droughts, these plants are finding it very difficult to stay alive. Stock up for your nice-cream now guys! These are just some of today’s endangered foods. However, it’s not too late to save them. At Marley Spoon, we always source seasonal foods that are locally grown and as sustainably sourced as possible. We should never take any foods for granted, and always think about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle everything to contribute to reducing carbon emissions. Order now and reduce your household food waste!