healthy and what is yummy - and unfortunately the two are often mutually exclusive! While it is important to keep in mind that most people grow out of their fussy habits, there are some ways to coax your child into trying, and eventually enjoying, the foods they currently detest.1. Make sure they’re hungry at dinner time and avoid a big afternoon meal. This will make them more likely to gobble everything down. 2. If they don’t like a certain ingredient, slowly introduce it into things in very small servings to see how they respond. 3. “Touch it, sniff it, kiss it” is a good way to remove the repulsion tag that some kids give certain foods. If you do this with them over several meals, they are likely to get comfortable with it and even start to enjoy! 4. Make it a game - kids love playtime, so try challenging them to get as many peas as they can on their spoon, and race them to eat them all! 5. Cook the food in the best possible form - e.g. bake sweet potato chips or broccoli with olive oil and salt. Tasting the ingredient in this form will connect it with other tasty things and will mean your child is more likely to eat it in other forms too. 6. If your kids are old enough take them to a growers market let them choose something new then come home and find a recipe to use it.

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