Seeing the faces of Australian families reeling from the realities of their consumption and waste habits was chilling. It's a hard pill to swallow, but knowledge is the first step towards changing engrained habits that have been forced upon us by the retail industry - then lazily perpetuated by all of us. The main thing I believe everyone can do to reduce waste is to BUY LESS. Less of everything - food, clothes, cars, disposable technologies, houses (!) At the crux of the issue is a consumerist society that forces us to find value in the things we have, not who we are. Beyond this, another step we can take is shopping more consciously. I bring reusable bags with me when I go shopping at the markets - and places like ALDI are setting a good example by charging customers who want a plastic bag. Another observation from last night is that fresh produce is often either pre-wrapped by the supermarket (absolutely disgusting), or we choose to pop single ingredients into seperate bags for weighing! Step 1 - stop doing that, and get yourself a Keep Cup for goodness sake! I'll be weighing in on the series each week, because making positive steps for the environment is my biggest passion (beyond grime music and cycling)! The first episode made me think more deeply about our mission - because I feel we are really aligned with the message of the show in many ways. Our mission: ## Bringing delightful, market fresh and easy cooking back to the people

while building a sustainable supply chain for a waste free world.

This fully encapsulates the reason we go to work everyday. We want to change the way people shop, cook, and eat. The future is ours to create (or destroy) right now. If you haven't I urge you to catch the show on ABC iView here.