Looking for stylish seasonal cheer - get the look without going totally overboard...look no further...Our Marley Spoon Christmas Box has launched! Order yours by December 6th and be in with a chance to win one of two brand new Whirlpool refrigerators stocked with Cellarmasters wine. Our Christmas box is everything you need for a fabulous feast for up to 6 adults, at just $41.50 per person, delivered right to your door, it's this year's answer to a luxurious, hassle-free Christmas feast.Of course that feast deserves a fabulous setting so here are our quick and easy ways to fill your home with festive flourishes for an Insta worthy Christmas celebration!DECK THE HALLS Break out the heirlooms, dust off your best glasses or start a new tradition – ‘tis the season after all. Here’s our easy checklist for decorating in yuletide style.ESSENTIALSSet the tone with a few cherished pieces and chic timeless basicsTablecloth: Preferably, something that’s been in the family for years and brought out each Christmas. Or, follow our example with two long lengths of linen saddle stitched together, then over-dyed.Long lengths of linen, saddle stitched together and then over-dyed is classic and timeless. Don’t go past a tablecloth that has been in the family for years and brought out each Christmas. Table runner: A contrasting table runner creates a layered look, which you can top with a centrepiece or floral arrangement. Just choose a colour, pattern or material that complements the tablecloth. A table runner creates a sort-after layered look. Choose a contrasting pattern or material in a colour that complements the tablecloth. A floral arrangement on top highlights the layers even more. Napkins: For us, real linen napkins are worth the extra laundry, especially for Christmas. Whatever you use, make it festive (see Fresh Garlands below for inspiration). Serving plates and bowls: Make sure you have enough large ceramic bowls and platters for serving. We love hand-thrown and a mix of modern and vintage, just make sure they match the look and feel of your table setting. Glasses: It’s time for your prettiest glassware, so get out the family heirlooms if you have any! Layout champagne flutes, tumblers and wine glasses in a variety of styles. Cutlery: Lay out all the cutlery and serving utensils you’ll need for the whole day so you don’t have to worry later. This can be up to six pieces per person, so conserve space by rolling them inside a linen napkin or placing the dessert cutlery above the plate. Alternatively, store them in a woven basket so they’re ready for each meal. FLOURISHESAdd your own personal touch with flowers, candles, spruces, cones and moreFresh garlands: Personalise each table setting with a napery garland complete with a beautiful herb sprig of herb or some foliage from the garden. Simply fold your napkin in half, attach the greenery and tie with a festive ribbon. Name cards: Write each person’s name on a small card or tag using a calligraphy pen and your best handwriting, and attach with ribbon or twine. Gingerbread house: To really impress, try your hand at a gingerbread house centrepiece. Make a simple gingerbread dough, cut into shapes and bake, then assemble with icing sugar paste and decorate with lollies. Rustic wreaths: For a Scandi-style centrepiece, weave spruce branches together in a circular pattern and decorate with pine cones. Finish the look with by placing lots of different-sized candles or fairy lights around the table for illumination. Christmas Crackers: Christmas is never really complete without Christmas crackers – paper hats, bad jokes and all. Make your own chic crackers with wrapping paper and empty toilet roll cardboard tubes, plus cracker pulls from craft or novelty stores. Don’t forget to decorate with a little holly or teeny tiny reindeers! Of course last but not least gather your family and friends, the essential ingredient for enjoying a very happy Christmas altogether. ## Find all the other top ingredients you'll need for a fabulous feast on Christmas day in your Marley Spoon Christmas Box - available to order here