ding in your food. Sugar is lurking in many foods that you wouldn't expect and there are so many reasons to cut it out of your diet other than weight loss.[embed]http://gph.is/2cnGcBp[/embed] For starters, it can eat away at your brain power, just as it does with your teeth. Research shows that eating too much sugar can impair cognitive functions and reduce proteins that are required for memory and responsiveness. It can also decrease the activity of orexin cells. These guys give us the energy to keep moving, fuel our metabolism and keep us awake. If you are feeling sleepy and sluggish - check up on your sugar intake! **So how much should we have?**The World Health Organisation recommends sugar should make up 5% of our daily calorie intake which is equivalent to 6 teaspoons a day.[embed]http://giphy.com/gifs/coffee-sugar-1OCY0ZBYnqk7u[/embed] Tips to cut down sugar:

  • Start with your drinks (avoid fruit based drinks and soft drinks altogether)
  • Gradually remove sugar or honey from your coffee and tea
  • Check your food labels or go for the low sugar version
  • Halve the sugar in your recipes (this works for almost everything except jams, meringues and ice-creams)
  • Buy the unsweetened version
  • Never go fake (diet-soda, etc.)
  • Stick with it, your taste buds will start to adjust and soon enough sugary foods will be too sweet

Swap it out:- Fruit muesli for plain oats

  • Sugar for cinnamon
  • Milk chocolate for 70% cocoa dark chocolate
  • Rice crackers for roasted chickpeas
  • Wraps for rye crackers
  • Fruit yoghurt for natural yoghurt
  • Mayonnaise for avocado
  • Sweet chilli sauce for chilli sauce