With a brand spanking new fulfilment centre in Melbourne, a stack of scrumptious summer recipes in store and some super savvy #bossladies on the scene - what better time than NOW to start spreading the Marley Spoon love!?

limited edition Christmas Box - watch this space! We opened a brand new custom built fulfilment centre in Melbourne last week - soon we'll be reaching even more of you across Victoria - we will keep you posted! Not to mention a whole heap of scrumptious summer recipes being whipped up in the test kitchen - yum! Whilst all that is going on it’s my goal to spread the word to as many people as possible, about the great benefits Marley Spoon will bring to their dining tables and lives right from their very first order! If you have friends who are not currently saving themselves hours on their weekly shop and meal planning, who are still slaving over hot stoves every night, who keep eating the same 3 dishes each week and only have to say 'hi' at the takeaway and the staff know what their order will be, then you need to get talking about how much better life is with Marley Spoon. Spread the love! Each and every order after your second order earns you the chance to refer a friend to try a free box. Simply log in to your account and start sending now! Helping spread the word are this savvy pair of lady bosses, Gen George and Jane Lu, co-founders of Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine. ![](//images.contentful.com/a0g66secw40o/4m2rXOnsCQUQOk8uMAOyQy/fd707be5dcb6d6db1494ca7a08c84665/LMBDW-Blog-Image-300x184.png "Gen George and Jane Lou of #LMBDW")The group offers support and advice for girls with well-established businesses and entrepreneurs wanting to start up their own business. Gen and Jane joined us last Wednesday to cook up one of our favourites, Lamb and Thyme Pasta with Zucchini, for a Facebook Live video. The busy pair kindly found a spare hour to pop over and join us in the test kitchen. They were a little sceptical, to begin with, wondering if our 30 minute slot was going to be enough and whether their cooking skills were up to it. They were happily surprised at just how quickly and easily a healthy, wholesome, home-cooked Marley Spoon meal can be made, all with a glass of wine in hand! To find out for yourself just how easy your weeknight cooking routine could be sign up here with $35 off. Take a look at our video for yourself here on Facebook and check out the LMBDW page here.