A Guide to Snacking Right with GoodnessMe Box

Regardless of how you like to eat - six small meals, three big meals, intermittent fasting - snacking in between meals can lead to the downfall of your healthy eating plan. GoodnessMe Box Health Editor Melissa Fine came to the rescue to help us to keep it tight and snack right! Eat off a plate, not from a bag: In a bag, you’ll end up eating more than you intended! Put those snacks on a plate and you’ll be able to see what you’re eating much better and gauge how much is enough. Don’t you dare upsize for 50c!: Most of us don’t need a snack the size of a main meal, even if it’s made with wholesome ingredients. You don’t want to spoil your dinner! Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail: Set aside some time on Sunday nights to prep your snacks. D.I.Y. trail mix, hummus and carrot sticks, or get a bit fancy with medjool dates stuffed with nut butter! Pay Attention!: Put your hand up if you’ve eaten 3kg of popcorn at the movies without even realising? When we’re concentrating on something else, we have an insane ability to eat. So take some time out and treat your snack attack as a break for your brain too. Low Fat Is Crap: If you have any interest in food, by now you’d be across the fact that low-fat foods are generally high in sugar or taste like cardboard. Go for the real deal - fruit! Yoghurt! Nuts! It’s so simple! Snacking right is easier with GoodnessMe Box! Order yours box at goodnessmebox.com/ with $10 OFF using the code HEALTHYME.