We know it can be hard to fit it all in your belly. In general, you can’t go to the fridge, grab a vegetable and start digging in (though we have eaten a raw tomato or two in our time). And we all know that getting the kids to eat their brussel sprouts is an uphill battle. Every week we send you a box with only the freshest ingredients and recipe cards. In order to help you even more, we now give you the option to add a fruit box to your meal order, making it all the more easier for you to maintain your daily fruit and vegetable intake. Our Best Tip? Make a green juice to kick start your day Green juice is amazing in the mornings as it assists the overnight fasted body to get a big boost of vitamins and nutrients, straight up. Drinking the juice on an empty stomach allows the nutrients to head straight to the digestive tract and is an efficient way for your body to absorb all those amazing vitamins and minerals. Make sure to wait 20 minutes after your juice before eating anything for maximum goodness absorption! For fruity inspiration that’s fun and easy to make and delicious, we’d recommend juicing your fruits. Not sure where to start? Cali Pressed Juice have got you covered. Based in Sydney, Cali Pressed Juice produce cold pressed juices with the goal of bringing better health to people’s lives through juice, smoothies and whole foods. If you’re ready to make a change and maintain your fruit and vegetable intake, be sure to order a fruit box with your next Marley Spoon delivery and pop into Cali Pressed Juice for some juicing inspiration. Instagram Sharing Comp! - To celebrate our new Fruit Box, we’ve joined forces with CuisinArt to give away an awesome blender to one lucky winner!

  • Simply share a fruity photo to win! Even if you haven’t added your fruit box yet, we want to see your fruitiest, sweetest photos.
  • Just tag @marleyspoonau + #eatmarleyspoon and we’ll announce the winner at the end of June