Listen up because we've just made the perfect menu with more choice for everybody! The more, the merrier we believe. We've been listening to our customers and we've made some truly exciting changes to our menu. We'll now be offering 12 recipes on our menu including our 3 customer favourites. These are the crowd pleasers, the lick-the-plate-clean winners. **So what does it mean for our customers?**We'll now be offering 9 new recipes each week + 3 delicious customer favourites on rotation. This means our customers will be able to enjoy 12 healthy and nutritious recipes. Here, Evan our Culinary Director gives us the low-down on some questions you might have. A: Each week we will have 12 recipes available for everyone to choose from. There will be 9 dishes that change weekly and 3 favourites on rotation. Q: **What are the portion sizes?**A: Similar to couples and family, customers can now order in either 2 or 4 portions. Q: **What does this mean for couples and families?**A: This means you can now order from the couples or families menu! The entire menu is open to everyone, which we're confident our customers will love. Q: **What are the first three favourites up on the menu?**A: First up we have a delicious Cottage Pie with Potato and Parsnip Crust, Parmesan Schnitzel with Red Slaw and a Healthy Roasted Sweet Potato and Kale Dish with Almonds, Dates and Goat's Curd! **Q: Can we vote to bring back our favourites?**A: You sure can! You can bring back your favourite dishes by simply rating the meals online or on the app! Browse the menu here and start with $35 off your first box!