We asked some Marley Spooners about their fav thing about Spring - check it out! Kachina Dimmock - Culinary Assistant“One of my favourite things about Spring is being able to watch the sun rise and not freeze to death. It’s made even better by grabbing an early breakfast at one of the many local beach-side cafes where I live in beautiful Thirroul :)” Dave Malcolm - Co-founder and Head of Marketing“With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, I like to make the most of the daylight. I also take advantage of my favourite fruits coming in to season and eat as many strawberries and blueberries as possible. They go perfectly on my morning porridge (fuel), eating them outside on my balcony and enjoying the morning sun before heading out on my bike to ride past the beaches and across the city to work.” Ashleigh Becker - Marketing & Business Development Manager“I can’t wait for daylight savings. I love making the most of the extra sunlight each day, an afternoon run or leaving work in time to watch the sunset. As the weather warms I love getting up early on weekends to exercise in the sun and head to the farmers markets for the best picks at the seasonal produce i am loving berries and grapefruit at the moment.” Sarah Corry - PR & Social Media“My favourite thing about spring is how everything comes alive. You can spend time spent outdoors (finally!), and this means park times with all of my animal friends! A lot of human friends have recently adopted dogs, including this adorable husky Jaffle. We are in love. Spring is really the best time for picnics, before it gets too hot!” Spring into action and order Marley Spoon = less time in the supermarket and more time in the sun!