You may have noticed that we went viral with our cheese toastie video recently!

Here is our recipe! Ingredients: - Cooking oil

  • 4 thick slices of sourdough
  • 2-4 slices of Asiago
  • 2-4 slices of Gruyere
  • 2-4 slices of Mozzarella
  • 2-4 slices of smoked Cheddar
  • Vegemite
  • Butter

Utensils: - Fry pan

Method: 1. Check the underside 2. Coat all sides of the bread that will touch the pan in butter 3. Coat the insides of the bread with a layer of Vegemite (the amount is up to you) 4. Meanwhile place a healthy dollop of cooking oil in a fry pan over medium heat 5. Lay the slices of cheese across two pieces of bread and put the top layer of bread on each sandwich 6. Once the frypan is hot, lay both sandwiches in the frypan and cover the pan for at least 3 minutes 7. Check the underside every couple of minutes, until browned and crispy 8. Flip the bread onto the other side and cover again 9. Serve and enjoy!