Spread across 1 million acres of California's north coast, Sonoma County is a destination filled with beautiful sights, tastes, and adventures. Read on to see how you and a guest can be there soon! **What makes Sonoma County so special?****What is the food scene like?**Where there’s good wine, there must be good food to match! In Sonoma, restaurants and producers alike are focused on quality ingredients. From picking-your-own at local farms and taking a dairy tour, to fine dining al fresco in a vineyard, the essence of Sonoma’s food scene is based on local, fresh and seasonal ingredients.**What will the winners enjoy most about Sonoma County?**Without knowing the particular tastes of the lucky winners, it would be safe to say that Sonoma’s grand variety of outdoor options and culinary flavours will deliver in spades. The most memorable moments may be marvelling at the majesty of the Armstrong Redwood forest, sipping on a perfect layer of crème coffee at one of the cafes of Guerneville or watching a luminescent burnt orange sunset from one of the award-winning wineries.What are your top 5 recommendations when visiting the area?

  1. Stay on a Sonoma County farm, such as Full House Farm in the community of Sebastopol. You’ll live and breathe Sonoma’s open wide spaces. Besides the farm animals that sustain residents including sheep, rabbits, horses, chickens and goats, you may also sight a deer, raccoon or bobcat.
  2. If visiting from spring to autumn, head to the Saturday Healdsburg markets where you’ll find friendly locals selling their home-grown and locally-made produce.
  3. Take a leisurely drive on highway 1 and enjoy the incredible vistas of Sonoma’s 80km coastline. Stop for a dip at the beach and perch yourself along the road’s ridge for a spectacular Californian sunset.
  4. Hike through the majestic redwoods in Armstrong Redwoods and then zipline through the canopy.
  5. You simply cannot leave Sonoma County before taking a wine tour! As the birthplace of Californian wine, there is no place like Sonoma to learn about the art of growing, harvesting and crushing grapes and the blending of wine. Numerous tours are available via bus, van or limousine.

**Which are the best restaurants?**From the coast to Cloverdale, Sonoma’s restaurants all have one things in common: quality, locally sourced ingredients. The region’s farm-to-table dining philosophy is evident throughout the region. Stand-out establishments include Spoon Bar, Dry Creek Kitchen and Farmhouse Inn and Restaurant.**Is the area well known for any particular produce?**Beyond its thriving wine and farm-to-table scene, Sonoma is also renowned for its distinctive hard-crafted cheeses. Check out Sonoma’s cheese trail, which links 30-odd farms and creameries. Some cheese makers along the trail are open on a regular basis for tasting and cheese-making classes, while others require bookings in advance.In partnership with Sonoma County Tourism Board, we are giving away a trip for 2 to Sonoma County worth $10,000! Head here to enter!