Get your Christmas Dinner sorted with Marley Spoon, by December 6th and you could WIN one of two brand new Whirlpool refrigerators, stocked with Cellarmasters wine!

Marley Spoon has been lucky enough to team up with WHIRLPOOL CELLARMASTERS this Christmas! Top of the range home appliances brand Whirlpool and global wine merchants Cellarmasters have got on board with Marley Spoon for this festive season. When you purchase your Marley Spoon Christmas Box by December 6th you will be in with a chance to win a BRAND NEW Whirlpool refrigerator, better yet Cellarmasters are going to stock it with wine too!

Whirlpool prides themselves on their Whirlpool Brand Promise to consumers, to develop innovative home solutions through elegant, cutting-edge design, in a way that empowers consumers and simplifies daily life while contributing to the creation of a more sustainable world. You can find out more about their rich history of innovation through the decades here.

Cellarmasters go to the corners of the globe to make the best vintages accessible to Australians. With a passion like theirs, is it any wonder you can guarantee the best drop when you buy with Cellarmasters? Find out why here.

A prize offering innovation and top quality - it sounds like our Christmas Box! Changing the way you face Christmas dinner this year. Marley Spoon has come up with a game changer.

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Don't spend the run-up to Christmas in traffic jams, queuing up in over-crowded supermarkets. Be the one with everything you need, conveniently pre-portioned and delivered to your door.

Don't be the one who, in January, opens their wallet to find it is empty and opens the cupboards to see another bag of festive nuts or choccy biscuits that got thrown in the trolley ready and waiting to put you off your new year healthy eating plan. Be the one who avoided the temptations and saved the cash!

Don't be the one telling the family, 'I'm nearly finished!' as you click through one last website, looking for that one last recipe, you know, the one that will make Christmas really special. Be the one that goes outside to play in the sunshine with them, knowing a full feast of recipes will be on its way to you, in time for Christmas.

Don't be the person that wishes they had joined the Christmas morning pre-drinks party but instead were slaving away in the kitchen, trying to perfect that super tricky recipe you found after hours of searching through recipe sites and books. Be the one who had a 3 course, festive feast fit for a king, all ready to be served in just two and a half hours!

Don't be the one who serves up the Christmas dinner that your guests have to smile at politely, exclaiming 'Mmm, looks fab!', when you know it's so far from the picture on the recipe, you're surprised they even identified it as food! Be the one who serves up an 'Insta' worthy Christmas spread, full of delicious, fresh food that your guests cannot wait to tuck into.

Don't be the one longing to sit down, shut their eyes and rest their weary feet after a long-winded, hectic time spent feeding everyone this Christmas. Be the one who looks around the table at all the clean plates and satisfied, smiling faces, knowing you just had to click a button, open a box and after a couple of short hours cooking up a delicious feast gave your loved ones a Christmas feast to remember!

'I want to be that one!' I hear you say. Well, now you can. ## Order you Marley Spoon Christmas Box HERE and be in the running for a shiny new refrigerator, stocked full with Cellarmasters Wine! Now that's a Happy Christmas :)